About Us

I want to do something good and useful for my lovely community “Skaters”.

From my experience as a co-founder of ismailia skaters. We started everything from scratch importing skates from the UK, germany, China and selling to hundreds of customers. I suffered a lot in the current market as we were selling online using the social media platforms. It’s very hard to track the progress of our orders, getting feedback from our customers and communicate well with them. Not only me suffering, all my friends also suffers the same.

Customer suffer too

The customer suffer too. As there is no trusted place that shows the rate of the vendor and if the vendor is trustworthy or not. There is no place that easily shows to the customer the available skates in the market. There is no online stores available at all.

I get a lot of messages daily from newcomers all of them are asking where to buy, what is the best skate, how good is this vendor or that vendor and so on..

So, I want to solve this current problem by developing a marketplace that easily shows all the mentioned above information and solve the payment problems.

I invented skate marketplace to help newcomers, skaters, vendors and the skate community overall.

Wish you enjoy it.

Our Team

Omar Wasfi

Founder & software developer

Abdelrahman Emad

Brand designer

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